Ethicstrouble, San Francisco Scientology Defector, Taunts Church

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The Mysterious Ethicstrouble: gloating from inside the org.
​After a month-long silence, the self-professed Scientology member who spoke with the SF Weekly about deciding the church was a cult has posted a new message online -- virtually taunting the church for its inability to figure out the identity of the apostate in its ranks.

"I have proven your inability to just find one mole. You trust me like you trust that most of the staff is not Ethics Trouble," wrote the apostate on a messageboard of the local Anonymous group, the masked protesters who stage regular protests against the San Francisco church. "This has played out better than I postulated. It's so perfect, I love it."  

To get unacquainted readers up to speed, Ethicstrouble first posted on the same messageboard last month, thanking Anonymous for its frequent protests outside the "org," as Scientology's churches are known, on Columbus Avenue. (In the newest message Ethicstrouble says  "You are impotent against a bunch of kids protesting.")

After some doubted his authenticity -- including the San Francisco org's president Jeff Quiros -- Ethicstrouble then released several graphs of the org's statistics to SF Weekly that the defector claimed were smuggled out of the org's trash. (Ethicstrouble claims that, after the leak, the org changed its policy to shred the statistics more quickly after review.) Several former Scientologists have suggested that Ethicstrouble's stats and follow-up interviews with the Weekly made the person appear to be a true Scientologist. 

Our messages to Ethicstrouble in recent weeks had gone unanswered. But in the letter posted yesterday, the defector directly addresses fellow Scientologists, saying the decision to come out in the press as a defector was "because I saw no other way to get to you. To get you thinking, looking, questioning. Its time for us to see we made a mistake."

Ethicstrouble also says that the stats released to us are only half of the ones that were smuggled out of the org: "because of the nay Sayers on the boards I was tempted to challenge/bullbait Jeff Quiros with the threat I would give to [SF Weekly reporter] Lauren all the rest of the graphs (or maybe some more recent ones) with all names intact, you see, I had only given her about half of the them. I have chosen not to out of respect for my fellow brainwashed staff."

We await whatever is next.

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Ethics Trouble, you've come this far and there is no sense stopping now. Don't hold out on giving Ms. Smiley more documents if you really have them. Its the truth that sets us free.

Dean Fox
Dean Fox

I want a statement from Tommy Davis on this matter now.


Tommy is non compos mentis, not in the building and operating incognito, probably busy cleaning a dumpster with a toothbrush or being rendered extraordinarily by Sciloontology's Special Forces. 


Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Cult!

Anon A
Anon A

"I was tempted to challenge/bullbait Jeff Quiros with the threat I would give to [SF Weekly reporter] Lauren all the rest of the graphs (or maybe some more recent ones) with all names intact"

Dooooo eeeeeeeeet!

Or hey, you can even censor the last names except for the first letters.  I'm sure that would be enough to get Jeff Quiros uber-enturbulated. 

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