Reddit Child Porn Post Closes Jailbait Section for Good

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Don't worry, there's still jailbait Barbie
Beloved Internet creeps will be disappointed to learn that the controversial Jailbait section of the website Reddit was shut down Monday after a Reddit user was reportedly busted using the message board to distribute what appeared to be child porn.

According to Gawker, two former moderators of Reddit's Jailbait section, which encouraged users to post photos of scantily dressed teens, said another staffer admitted that kiddie porn had been circulated on the site Sunday. Reddit has long been the subject of fierce criticism because of the more than 20,000 Jailbait section members who thrive on sharing photos swiped from young girls' Facebook profiles.

But this latest scandal started Sunday night when a user named TheContortionist posted a photo of a 14-year-old girl who he said was his girlfriend. She was reportedly wearing thong underwear in the photo, which was no stretch for Jailbait. But then users began demanding more vulgar photos, voting up his post more than 200 times, according to Gawker.

The user then fessed up to having child porn, bragging to other users that this is the only non-nude photo he had of her. So users begged and begged for him to send them the naked photos of her via private message.

According to Gawker:

After a few hours, TheContortionist relented somewhat and posted another picture. "Fine, here!" he wrote. "Note: I had to edit the photo for obvious reasons. Enjoy your fap."
According to one Reddit user, who was monitoring the site at the time, the girl was clearly engaged in oral sex, although parts of the image were obscured. Reddit deleted TheContortionist about six hours after the photos were posted.

Then on Monday, the site closed the section "due to threatening the structural integrity of the greater reddit community."

That was a huge step for Reddit General Manager Erik Martin who until yesterday defended the highly offensive content that was on the site, saying it was a matter of free speech.

But while the site's guidelines ask users not to post personal information about people, it says nothing about sexual photos of underage girls.

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Attempts by pedophiles and sickos of that ilk to defend their "hobby" and "way of living" as a caring act is even less justified than Bush's invasion and war in Iraq.  I hope we have the technology or tools to one day track down these sick bastards and sanction them with extreme prejudice.

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