Occupy Wall Street App Comes in Handy When You Get Arrested

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Some might say that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are out there trying to upend capitalism by demonstrating against big banks and economic disparity. But, somewhat ironically, it's these very protests that have spurred a new enterprise -- with the inevitable creation of a smartphone app.

Inspired by the plethora of ongoing arrests linked to the Occupy protests across the nation, Quadrant 2 unveiled an app designed to immediately alert your lawyers and family members of your arrest with just one click.

"I'm Getting Arrested" lets protesters, or anyone being hauled off in cuffs for that matter, use their smartphone to broadcast a custom message to family members and lawyers informing them the app-user has been arrested -- and requesting bail money.

To keep it real, the creators say the app is free for everyone -- not just the 1 percent.

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Whoa. SO gonna get THAT...sign of the times, man.

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