Occupy SF Movement Grows on Market Street

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Erin Sherbert
Could use some interior decorating
Last week we told you about the Occupy Wall Street movement spreading all the way to the West Coast, including San Francisco. Near the Financial District, protesters have set up a makeshift home for themselves, equipped with tarps, food, rain gear, and, because it's San Francisco, they're attempting to get solar panels.

The group, called OccupySF, is now asking on people to join them today at noon for a demonstration/march outside the Federal Reserve Bank to protest big banks. Afterward, they will go back to living on Market Street, right above the Embarcadero BART stop. "We are occupying this space 24/7 and indefinitely," the group writes on its website.

Protesters say they are getting tons of support, including 20 pizzas donated to them yesterday. Of course, that only creates sanitary issues, which appears to be the biggest challenge for OccupySF at this point.

"We need brooms and mops, this is growing faster than anyone anticipated," says one protester. "But we stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street."

Here's a livestream of the San Francisco occupation.

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jim bruggenschmidt
jim bruggenschmidt

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to dawdler-

they want the corruption to end.  they want a new beginning, based on constitutional rights and to end the fed!  here is a very articulate speaker at OWS, have a listen:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


I still don't get what they want


Simple: Liberty and Justice For All

And unless you are part of the 1% mega-rich, well do you think everything's running well?

Let's see;UnemploymentLayoffsLoss of job benefitsLoss of the right to strikeMoney for the perpetual war but no money for health, education

I personally People First and Business Second

I want people to move their money Out of the banks and into the credit unions!


@113cb4a29dbe6058824b12b5711ec672:disqus - see the problem is that everything until your very last sentence is just a bunch of abstract, idealistic stuff that sounds good but is very hard to actually convert to action.

that last point, on the other hand, makes more sense.  i think the Occupy movement is great.  I love when people get out in the streets and make themselves heard.  but they need to also provide people with concrete actions that can make a difference.  that's something that your average person can actually act on.

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