Occupy Oakland to Protest in Downtown Again Tonight

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Debris still lingers in downtown Oakland and the stench of tear gas remains in the air after police fought off hundreds of protesters last night. Still, Occupy Oakland protesters are promising to hit the streets of downtown again tonight even after a violent and chaotic Tuesday evening when they stormed the Frank Ogawa Plaza, attempting to take back their encampment that police had raided 12 hours earlier.

After the Tuesday morning raid, protesters gathered in front of the downtown library at about 4 p.m., and marched past the jail, where other demonstrators were being held after police arrested 79 people that morning. 

But the afternoon march quickly turned violent when protesters got to the site of their old encampment in front of City Hall, which police had barricaded off; demonstrators tossed paint, rocks, and bottles at cops clad in riot gear -- and police tossed tear gas as well as flashbang grenades right back, filling downtown with smoke and screams. 

Protesters finally dispersed by 11 p.m., promising they would be back tonight.

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I keep hearing about protesters throwing paint, rocks and bottles (one report mentioned pots and pans too), but I have not seen one photo of this behavior.  The media seemed to be able to photograph everything else. Why no evidence of protesters throwing these items?


Channel 5 news was there at the beginning go to the website. I live in Oakland, I saw the protest from the beginning not the even -- it started in the afternoon. They did thrown homemade smoke bombs, paint, rocks and bottles; that is not a fallacy.

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