Drunk Man Stabbed After Refusing to Hand Over Cash

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Just give him your iPod
What better reason to comply with the demands of a dude with a sharp object in his hand: Because he might stab you!.

Police say a 54-year-old inebriated man was walking on the 900 block of Howard Street after a night out on the town Saturday when an unknown suspect, who was described as a white man between 35 and 40 years old, approached him from behind and asked him to hand over his stuff.

The victim, drunk and confused, and perhaps penniless after the long evening of boozing didn't give his mugger anything except what the suspect thought was a good excuse to stab him.

The suspect pulled out a sharp object, possibly a knife, stabbed the victim in the shoulder and ran off, according to police reports.

The victim, who was treated at the hospital, didn't lose any of his possessions, except a little blood.

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"Better comply."?  We've been letting the 'criminal element'  define the terms and conditions at least since D.A. Harris' term in office , most notably and probably before..

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