MC Hammer, Brian Wilson, Other Non-San Francisco Voters Shill for Ed Lee

By now you may already be recovering from watching the Ed Lee music video featuring MC Hammer, Brian Wilson, Ashkon, Willie Brown and others.

The video was funded in large part by Hammer's good pal and right-wing piñata du jour Ron Conway, as well as Sean Parker (who you may recall having paranoid freakouts on screen as portrayed by Justin Timberlake). 

In all, the curious production features a number of musical, sporting, and tech celebrities singing a tune based on Hammer's 1991 hit 2 Legit 2 Quit. What it doesn't feature, intriguingly, are many registered San Francisco voters. Of the litany of performers shilling for Lee, only three are legally entitled to actually vote for him.

Featured in the video are Hammer (an Oakland native who gott his nickname from longtime former employer Charlie Finley, former Oakland Athletics owner. He's not a registered San Francisco voter.); (Real name: William James Adams, Jr. Real voting status: Not a registered San Francisco voter.); Giants bullpen ace Brian Wilson (no Brian Patrick Wilsons on the voter rolls here); former 49ers safety Ronnie Lott (no Ron or Ronnie Lotts on the rolls either); Twitter founder Isaac "Biz" Stone (No one of either name registered here); 49ers owner Jed York (like his team, he is housed elsewhere); and Google executive Marissa Mayer (she isn't registered to vote here, either. We didn't Google it -- we called the Department of Elections).

Ed Lee's so tiny, he fits in this refrigerator! On the door!
Willie Brown does live here in San Francisco -- unlike his successor. And Hunter Walk, Google's Director of Product Management, is registered to vote here, too (provided he's Hunter Everest Walk, born in New York in 1973, and unaffiliated with any party -- which seems a pretty good bet).

Available to sing the Lee theme song was Ashkon*, whom you may remember for his clever "Don't Stop Believing" number that served as the San Francisco Giants' de facto playoff anthem last year. Ashkon, who was raised in Kensington, near Berkeley, moved to the Mission several months ago and is now also a registered San Francisco voter.

Out-of-towners are free to financially support and shill for any candidate they choose. But when it comes to actually casting a ballot for Lee, to quote out-of-town shill Hammer, U Can't Touch This.

*This article originally identified Ashkon as a non-San Francisco voter. That's on us: We misspelled his last name, Davaran, to the registrar of voters.

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Elizabeth Frantes
Elizabeth Frantes

I don't think any of 'em are registered SF voters, are they?  I am so disappointed in Wilson, I loved that boy when he came here, but all the celebrity turned him into a douche.  He has no more business promoting a corrupt political whore than I do pitching as a closer.  Stick to what you do well, and remember your celebrity power can be misused, be mindful of what you are doing.  I am no longer Wilson's fan.  What a douche.  The dye fumes from that nasty beard blew out all his higher brain function, ya know, where ethics and morals come from. 

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