Man Allegedly Tries to Drill Brother in the Head

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Drill, baby, drill
Update 1:05 p.m.: Officer Albie Esparza tells us police have learned that the suspect and victim were actually brothers who had been arguing over drill bits that night. Police arrested Kevin Guerin, 57, on suspicion of attempted homicide, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Last week, we told you about the bad friend who stabbed his lifelong pal in the head. Well, maybe there is something in San Francisco's water, because over the weekend another man tried to bore a hold in his friend's head using a drill.

It's like a scene from Frankenstein.

According to San Francisco police, the two brother got into an argument Sunday night on the 100 block of Judson Avenue when one friend pulled out a hand drill, .

Fortunately, the suspect is no handyman. Police said he missed his brother's head and instead hit the victim in the face with the drill.
The 61-year-old man was taken to Kaiser Permanent with facial injuries, and his little brother was taken to jail.

Now that's what you call bad blood in the family.

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Diamond Saw Blade
Diamond Saw Blade

It is seriously horrible to hear such news..First time i came across this kind of news..

Bruce Edmund Carroll
Bruce Edmund Carroll

that is some bad blood, and i mean real bad blood!!!!! no vampire is gonna want that blood!!!!!


My mother always told me that a man who tries to drill a hole in your head is not a real friend.


.... and if it's your brother?


That's too deep for me...

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