Man Stabs Lifelong Pal in the Head

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Was it something I said?
A conniving friend will stab you in the back, but a homicidal friend might stab you smack dab in the head. 

A San Francisco man gave his buddy a piece of his own mind -- literally -- when he took a knife and stabbed him in the head. The 32-year-old victim walked into San Francisco General Hospital yesterday at about 7:10 a.m. with a serious puncture to his skull.

The victim told police that the two pals were at the playground near the 900 block of Ellsworth in Bernal Heights drinking and talking when the victim said some derogatory remark about his friend's mother.

The suspect -- a 38-year-old black man -- pulled out a knife and pierced his buddy in the left side of the head, according to Officer Harry Soulette.

"I've seen this happen before where they are lifelong friends and then one of them is on the floor or dead," Soulette said, adding that guys sometimes take "your mother" comments too personally. "I don't care what anyone says about my mother, call her what you want, because I know the truth ... there are better ways to settle those differences than pulling out a knife."

But even if the two pals do reconcile, police aren't letting the suspect get away with attempted murder ...  because you can pick your friends and you can pick your head, but you can't pick your friend's head.

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"because you can pick your friends and you can pick your head, but you can't pick your friend's head"

Humor FAIL

thomas long
thomas long

a  dangerous  town  full of  depraved  liberal scum


I bet if you call Soulette's mother a derogatory term to his face he'll break your arm off and give you a free on the spot rectal exam before making an arrest.

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