HIV Activist Calls Mayor Ed Lee a Name the Chronicle Would Never Print

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Wonder how he feels about Jeff Sheehy ...
In this election, Mayor Ed Lee has been called many charming names -- crooked, double-crossing, sneaky, Republican. Now he can add "dick" to that growing list of insults.   

According to the Bay Area Reporter, Jeff Sheehy, who was the HIV czar for former Mayor Gavin Newsom, publicly called the mayor a "dick" for not showing up to a Wednesday night HIV/AIDS forum. When the moderator told Sheehy, who was a panelist at the forum, to ask a candidate a question, he instead used his time to rail on Lee.

"Mayor Lee is a dick for not showing up," Sheehy said.

We called Sheehy to see if he had any remorse about his public name-calling. Turns out, he had a few more thoughts to add.

"I just think it's really rude and obnoxious when you say you are going to be there," Sheehy told us. "There are people with HIV and AIDS who came expecting to see the mayor and he didn't show up. And if you knew you weren't going to be there, then don't say you are going to be there."

However, Tony Winnicker, spokesman for Lee, confirmed that the mayor is not a dickhead. "I'm not going to dignify Dennis Herrera's attack-dog, name-calling with that comment," Winnicker said. "We are doing work everyday to help people with HIV and AIDS."

In fact, Winnicker said, Lee missed the community forum because he was at a separate HIV/AIDS event, the AIDS Legal Referral Panel, speaking to a group of 150 lawyers who work on behalf of clients living with HIV/AIDS. Winnicker said the mayor knew he had a conflict that evening, which is exactly why he never committed to going to the community forum.

"We never confirmed for [the other AIDS event] -- that's a complete lie," Winnicker said.

He added: "All those people are actively supporting another candidate." Which is code for "they're a bunch of dicks."

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Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!


Ed Lee = Willie Brown.  Not only did he lie and/or back out of his assurance that he would not run for Mayor his minions are on video illegally voting for people!!!   He is a perfect example of who SF DOES NOT want for Mayor!!!   Besides all that, I get the same horrible creepy feeling when I see Ed Lee's face (in pic, TV, etc) that I got when I'd see Bush's creepy smirking face!!!  But since there is video showing that he is already cheating the election, and I've not seen any reports of investigation of this, then he will likely win through cheating.....  unless people rise up against it.

Rick McCormack Aids Activist
Rick McCormack Aids Activist

That is what San Francisco gets for letting there guard down and electing  a snake in the grass Republican to Office  not only in the City Of Love and Compassion But remember DON'T DO IT in the rest of the state either didn't you pay attention to the ARNOLD Drama?  to borrow a line from CHER in Moonstruck    """ SNAP OUT OF IT""" if you cant wait until the next election  remember the Re-Call Wilson Buttons  whats the matter folks this is San Francisco not Podunk


Ed Lee is not going to pay any attention to LGBT or HIV/AIDs issues after he is elected.  He will be too busy meeting with COC, contractors looking for a contract, Rose Pak, Willie Brown, MEA, Fire and Police Unions. 

Patrick Connors
Patrick Connors

Ed Lee was meeting with lawyers instead of community members. 



It is quite clear who was rude and obnoxious, let alone childish and annoying.

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