Twin Earthquakes Shake the Bay Area, Is the "Big One" Next?

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You thought yesterday's quakes were scary ...
Two nearly identical quakes along the Hayward fault jolted the Bay Area yesterday, which naturally has everyone thinking, "Is this foreshadowing the Big One?"

A 3.9 magnitude earthquake shook the East Bay at about 2:41 p.m. yesterday. No damages were reported, other than a few rolling pens and shuffled photographs. About six hours later, a second quake hit about a mile away from the first temblor.

But don't consider these shakers ominous in any way. The U.S. Geological Surve told reporters that they weren't surprised there were two nearly identical earthquakes yesterday. The area where the quakes hit -- near UC Berkeley -- has been considered a "hot spot" for decades, according to the USGS.
"It's not common, but it's not very unusual, so it's not reason for undue alarm," Walter Mooney, a seismologist with the USGS told NBC Bay Area. "People just need to get prepared for the big one that will eventually come in the East Bay."

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Did you mean "temblor"?

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