Drunk Man Carjacked, Kidnapped, Forced to Strip Naked

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If you are wasted when you are carjacked, is it really in your best interest to call the cops? More importantly, does that make you a victim or a criminal -- or both?

According to San Francisco police, a highly intoxicated man was cruising through the Bayview neighborhood on Monday night when two men with guns carjacked him. The pair forced him into the back seat of his car, and, for some reason, they told him to strip naked.

After the victim undressed, the two men drove him to his own house, which was curious because he had never told them where he lived.

Wait. It gets even weirder.

Apparently, the crooks liked his style, because once inside the victim's home, the two suspects ransacked the man's closet, pilfering a bag full of the garments before taking his wallet. The suspects ordered the naked man back into the car and drove him to Candlestick Park. But before they could take him on any more wild rides, the victim bolted from the car and ran across the parking lot.

The suspects looked around for their hostage, who was hiding in a nearby bush. Finally, they gave up, grabbed the bag of clothes and drove off in a different car.

Bare-assed and still badly intoxicated, the victim emerged from the bush, got into his car, and drove back home, according to police.

"I don't know if he had Armani or what label [his clothes] were, but it's a really bizarre incident," said Officer Albie Esparza.

The again, the man was incredibly drunk, police noted.  "When someone is inebriated, you never know if you are getting the full story," Esparza said, adding that he wasn't arrested for DUI since no officers observed him driving.
Real story or not -- a drunken, carjacked man streaking through the stadium parking lot certainly makes great fodder for an anti-drinking-and-driving campaign.

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