Driver Crashes While "Fooling Around " with Girlfriend

.... And they will probably still blame the bad driving on the woman
Here's an unfortunate incident of being forced to kiss and tell.

California Highway Patrol officers were called to the scene of a car accident on Highway 101 in the North Bay at about 11:45 p.m. Friday where a male driver crashed into the vehicle in front of him.

Cavan Askew, 26, of Healdsburg, told the cops that he was driving when a Chevy pickup came speeding up behind him. The pickup hit the back of his car, sending him and his car down an embankment.

The driver of the truck, 24-year-old Lawrence Peterson of Petaluma, confessed  to the cops that he was "fooling around" with his girlfriend when he hit the car in front of him.

We'll leave the dirty comments to readers.

Police said they noticed signs of intoxication and after a DUI evaluation, Peterson was hauled to jail, where he was booked on DUI charges.

Peterson's girlfriend, Briteny Martin, 20, suffered minor injuries.

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Wrecked'em? Damn near killed'em....

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