Blue Angels Are Awesomely Divisive: SF Weekly Called 'Liberal Doosh'

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This is us vs. them.
​The only thing more entertaining than lamenting the very loud roar of the Blue Angels is the hate you earn for doing so. 

On Friday, we penned a diatribe against the "seagulls from hell" interrupting newsroom activity at the SF Weekly office from our front-row seat of the deafening Fleet Week air show over the bay. 

Turns out, many of our readers don't just tolerate the annoying show, they actually like it. Over the weekend, we were bombarded with patriotic vitriol from Blue Angel defenders who bluntly called us a bunch of Commie weenies.

Here's a sampling of the amazing ammo blasted our way:
"Oh shut up you weenies. Fighter jets are cool."
"Uncle Sam," while a bit lacking in the spelling department, had some fighting words:
Too bad that voicemail box delete button doesn't work on whiney liberal assholes such as yourself. If you can't handle five days of the Blue Angles, how have you made this far in life? Lastly, if you don't like the representation of what allows you to sleep soundly at night, pack your bags and move to China. Liberal doosh."

"AP" stood up for the children of San Francisco against pinko party-poopers like us: 
"In my experience, being a Blue Angel hater is highly correlated with being a carpetbagging transplant ... you have no right to come here and force your self-indulgent NIMBY-ism on us. The Blue Angels are a true SF tradition, and no matter how much you hate US military imperialism (I hate it too!), stop trying to deprive SF's younger generations of one of the coolest aspects of growing up here."

Then Adam Quandt shamed us back to the coffee machine: 
"I bet you would all change your minds if you got up out of your cubicles and serverd your country. There are some people who are sleeping in fox holes tonight and you have the audacity to complain about jet noise! Well at least you can still have a warm cup of coffee. Enjoy!"

After another sip of Peet's brew, I'll leave you with my personal favorite:
"put on some ear muffs you sallys!!!!"
Touche. You can be my wingman anytime.

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@Dan Johnson, it's funny I'm from SD too, dad was in the Navy, spent time at Miramar, and ended up on the other end of the "love 'em or hate 'em" continuum. I hate 'em and don't feel that they can ever be non-political, for the reasons that Leftocrat explains. But anyway just wanted to say I appreciate your civility and will follow your example here.


They can criticize us San Franciscans that consider the war machine is more then a serious problem. Have no illusions, in this case one can not have your cake and eat it too. Those jets are made to destroy things and kill people. A spectacal of an air show doesn't change anything. 


Sorry, I couldn't hear them over the sound of my stereo playing the theme to Team America: World Police playing at full volume.


I find the noise very annoying! They should only fly on weekends. You honestly have to be insane not to find the noise super annoying (unless you're at the show). Only hicks that love to yell "go America, git er done" welcome this annoying disrupting noise!!!


I am a six year Navy veteran who was at fleet week this weekend with Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace, outreaching to the mindless indulgence many fleet week attendees exhibit.  Fleet Week is one of the largest recruiting blitzes anywhere, $elling the military to our kids for what it is not.  War is not a game.  We are losing 18 veterans a day to SUICIDE.  

I would really like to see people's reactions to fighter jets if they were from an occupying foreign government.  Kodak moment?  No, run like hell and kiss your ass goodbye.


I happen to be one of the liberal assholes that truly enjoys the show.  I grew up near Miramar Naval Air station as a kid and learned to fly before I learned to drive.  When I see the show I just see some incredible engineering and technology  flown by top Naval pilots.  Why can't it just be that and not a political statement?  For those who feel the need to name call liberals because they don't appreciate the show, try to remember that we can't all like what you like. 

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