5 Reasons San Francisco Is the No. 1 City for Trick-or-Treating

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We know San Francisco is great for many things -- the scenic beauty, endless innovation, legal nudity, and of course the fact that we can find sex at any hour of the day.

But we have to admit, we were a little surprised to learn that Zillow ranked our fair city as the No. 1 place for trick-or-treating in the nation. There wasn't a clear explanation as to why San Francisco -- a city where people prefer dogs to their own offspring -- would be a desirable place for anyone under the age of 18, so naturally,  we came up with our own guesses:

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5. Isn't Trick or Treating essentially panhandling in costume?
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Paul Moraga
Paul Moraga

Halloween isn't what it used to be...so few people giving out candy now.

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa

5 Reasons why SF sucks for trick or treeters1) All the fuckin bums2) The minorities always trying to steal your candy3) All the homosexuals trying to grab your sack4) Tenderloins5) Chinatown candy is cheap immitation

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