Wet, Meditating Dude Makes Lewd Comment to Woman in Golden Gate Park

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That basically covers it
We've already regaled you with enough stories of  men who beat off on the bus, which is why we are going to spare you today. Instead, we're going to today tell you about a meditating man who talked dirty in the park.

On Monday afternoon, a woman was in the park, minding her own business when a dripping wet man wearing swim trunks walked up to her and made a "lewd comment."

And that's the thing about lewd remarks -- you  seldom get the response you were hoping for. In this case, the woman called the cops, who obviously didn't have much trouble tracking down their suspect -- how many soaking wet men are roaming Golden Gate Park?

When the cops caught up with the 21-year-old man, he quickly fessed up, showing some slight remorse. He told police, that he had been in the water meditating and then when he saw the woman he made the "dumb" comment.

He was cited for, well, being "dumb."

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Think he's single? I am dying to meet a horny single man in SF!

Harvey King
Harvey King

Have you tried the Castro neighborhood? Just asking. Don't look at me! I'm old (71), ugly and straight! On the other hand I'm horny! Hey 1 out of 4 ain't bad! Uh what was the question again? 

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