Very Weird Examiner Ad Has Us Baffled

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There's so many things about the San Francisco Examiner that stir wonder, but when we stumbled upon this gem in Sunday's paper, we felt as though the newspaper had reached a new level of confounding its readers.

The Examiner
Don't forget the Best Buy gift card
We're confused. Is this an advertisement or a story? There's a byline, but it's strangely paired with what appears to be an ad for shopping, not picnicking. More importantly, why would we go shopping on a day that's nice enough for a picnic?

So then we thought perhaps this was the Ex giving us a list of places to shop to prep for a picnic. But no, it can't be. I mean why would you stop at Best Buy or hit on your way to a picnic? You wouldn't.

That left us with nothing but the lady in a gingham bikini, which still has nothing to do with a picnic. Well, actually, the two-piece does resemble a tablecloth. So there's that. 

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I could certainly eat my lunch off that table cloth!

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