Where Have All the Stoners Gone?

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Hey stoners, do you really want Sarah Palin as an ally?
It's hard to say exactly where the American marijuana movement is at present. For every Alabama, where a Republican state legislator will sponsor a bill to legalize medical cannabis, there's an Arizona or a Montana, where lawmakers overturned the will of voters and rolled back medical marijuana laws.

But with marijuana so often in the news -- with reports of its surprising medical benefits receiving more and more mainstream attention -- it's perhaps not surprising that more Americans are experimenting with the magic herb, according to a federal study.

Nearly 7 percent of Americans ages 12 and older used marijuana in 2010 -- an increase of 3 million from about 10 years ago, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. And where these smokers are located will be even more surprising to you: California -- the birthplace of medical marijuana -- is only the 10th most stoned state.

Where have all the smokers gone? Think cold and colonial.

Along with a story on the report, CBS News compiled a handy photo essay using data from the 2009 edition of the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. By sheer numbers, California would appear to have the most stoners -- 12.88 percent of those living in the Golden State smoke. That means 4.4 million tokers out of a total population of 37.2 million.

In other words, there's more marijuana smokers in California than the populations of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine combined -- all states where there's more marijuana use per capita.

New England cleaned house, with every state in the northeast, aside from Connecticut, in the top 10. Connecticut was 13th, with 12.53 percent marijuana use. And despite no medical use permitted in New York, the state claimed a 12.83 percent marijuana use rate.

Now onto the winners: Some 16.29 percent of Alaskans admitted to smoking marijuana in 2009, making it the state with the highest reported use of marijuana in the country. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Colorado, and Vermont rounded out the top five -- in that order.

So kudos to you, New England -- and why not? Gotta find some way to get through those winters.

Other facts from the study:

• Drug use on the whole has decreased since 2000; Tobacco use and binge drinking among teens has also declined.

• Meth use is down by half.

• Fewer Americans are receiving treatment for substance abuse.

23 million Americans reported a need for treatment, but fewer than 3 million received it.

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the country is taking thousands of folks every year and putting them in prison ,in some cases on small amounts, or as in my case, just making up a story. The problem is 99% of these backslapping lawdogs are just going something to keep arrests up so as to justify their positions. When they are actually taking a few smokers that do not know a thing about crime and sending them to SCC,"Serious Criminal College. They maybe could roll a joint going in, but you better believe they have learned a whole lot of new more serious enterprises, and to top it off they are mad as hell, and I don't blame them, and are coming back to show off their new skillsets: face it you have NOW reason to worry! And its your own damn fault, enjoy citizens.:|

Peter Voth
Peter Voth

The biggest stoner states are the ones that touch Canada. Why? Because Canada has the best weed! And, unlike Mexico, we manage to distribute our drugs without everyone getting shot.


Your focus is becoming more and more about legalization, and not about its medical use. Bummer. Sorry to see you too have been lost to the legalization forces..

Kevin Aiden Logan
Kevin Aiden Logan

¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸ ...¸.¤.¸¸ ...¸.¤\

 \   Support HR 2306!!!   \

 .\¸.¤*¨¨*¤ .¸¸.¸.¤*¨¨*¤ ¸\




 ./ \ 



Would you like to see the Prohibition of Marijuana end in this country? If so, please read...


Recently a Bill has been introduced to end the Federal Governments Prohibition of Marijuana leaving the individual States the ability to regulate their own laws without the fear of interference or intimidation by the Federal Government.


Currently this Bill has been referred to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security and The House Energy and Commerce Committee for their review as to whether this bill should be allowed to continue it's course of becoming Law. 


The most influential people to be expressing your approval of this Bill would be these Congressman and Representatives who sit on these Committees, and below is a link to a document containing all of their phone, fax and email contact information for you to use.


It also includes information on HR 2306, how to contact your local Representative and valuable links to information on the benefits of Marijuana. 


All you would need to do is draft one good letter and on a daily basis make it a habit to send that letter to these politicians until their email servers melt. Our voices must be heard!! 


Please pass this message around so more people will be able to contact these Committee Members and hopefully make a difference. 


Thank you for reading and supporting the cause,


Kevin Logan




Sounds like Medical Marijuana/Marijuana is working. Keep On Tokin'

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

To answer the question posed in the caption (and the Establishment's disdain for cannabis), politics makes for strange bedfellows.  I won't be supporting the woman in the picture or any other member of her party, but I cannot support a President who has failed to stem the War on Americans either.  From his failure to lead regarding cannabis' medical utility and re-scheduling, refusal to consider even its decriminalization, repudiation of his campaign's assurances to the medical cannabis community, and appointment of corrupt drug-warrior Michele Leonhart to head the criminal gang of parasites known as the DEA, Obama has been waging war against the people who helped elect him.  Until Prohibition is ended, voters who use cannabis will be an almost invisible constituency, but there are over 100,000 patients in Colorado, and I expect many of them are wondering who they can support in 2012.


The good guys are the true Republicans, like Ron Paul. That is who we need to suport. Go register as a Republican and make sure he gets through the primaries, and then defeats Obama. 

I VOTED FOR OBAMA! And was extremely proud of it at the time. But as an advocate, I know the best person on the ballet, in order to restore American's rights, is Ron Paul.

Rick Day
Rick Day

ballot. Not ballet

just sayin....

Steven M. Cooper
Steven M. Cooper


But I get your point.  However, look at it this way...Rethuglians are just as bad when it comes to Prohibition.  Maybe even worse. Who would you rather be in the WH?  A known waffler and someone who has failed to keep campaign promises, or a fanatic like Michelle Bachmann (or any other Rethuglian). Voting for a 3rd party, no matter how 'good' it makes one feel, is a vote AGAINST Obama.... he needs dems & Independents on his side to keep the WH. The Tea Party is whipping up 'mobs' of Rethuglian voters, Obama has to get his 'army' up n running.  Apply pressure when (if) he returns to office...maybe he'll not have so much to lose and will finally come clean and act the way he presented himself to the medical cannabis community. One can always hope.


Our vice president right now literally wrote the laws for federal mandatory minimum sentencing.

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