Supervisor Scott Wiener Doesn't Want to See Your Wiener

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Just a normal night in the Castro
Part of the charm of living in San Francisco is crossing paths with the ubiquitous bare-skinned man, penis flapping in the air. As we've noted before the growing chorus of fleshy cocks has made the penis the official mascot of the Castro neighborhood

But of all people, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener -- who represents the Castro -- is tired of all the wieners in town. He's pushing out legislation today that will, at the very least, force the lewd exhibitionists to be sanitary. He wants them to don a towel -- or even a napkin -- over their exposed genitals while in a restaurant.

Fair enough. We don't need to see it while we are eating. 

Furthermore, Wiener wants all nudists to place something between their bare butt cheeks and the chair, bench, sidewalk, or whatever public thing they might be sitting on.

"San Francisco is a liberal and tolerant city, and we pride ourselves on that fact," Wiener says.  "Yet, while we have a variety of views about public nudity, we can all agree that when you sit down naked, you should cover the seat, and that you should cover up when you go into a food establishment."

When it comes down to it, there really is only room for one Wiener in the Castro.

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I don't need to see exposed penises in a restaurant.  Neither do I need to have a law mandating  against nudity in restaurants, either.  All of that is taken care of, with the sign you often see at restaurants: "We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone."

What next?  No one in drag, in restaurants?  Please.  Keep you extraneous laws out of the soup.


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