SF Log Cabin Republicans: There Are More Than Three of Us

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Much ado has already been made about Dennis Herrera slamming Ed Lee for contributions from a Republican -- one that has also supported Herrera over the years.

But a comment in the Chronicle from Herrera's spokesman, Matt Dorsey, prompted the SF Log Cabin Republicans to assert, indignantly, that they are in fact numerous.

As the Chron has it, Dorsey joked that the three faceless suits depicted in an attack ad were in reference to "all three members" of the Log Cabin Republicans of San Francisco.

Inside the log cabin, this joke didn't go over well.

"All the major candidates were invited to address us, and the vast majority of them gratefully accepted," LCRSF president Dan Brown said Thursday in a e-mail statement. "Had the Herrera campaign bothered to respond to our invitations to speak to the club they would know that we have more than three members. Should Mr. Dorsey like to attend our next event he is welcome to come along and take a headcount."

In response, Dorsey told SF Weekly that he "didn't mean for the quip to be hurtful," and said he acknowledges LCRSF's efforts on LGBT issues.

"And I'm proud to have once dated a gay Republican" while in Michigan, he said.

A quick glance at photos from the group's most recent meeting in August shows, well, more than three attendees, but our guess is that if Brown isn't offering up some concrete numbers that the group's headcount isn't one of its selling points. Perhaps, like Anonymous, they "are legion" and simultaneously invisible -- you'll just have to take their word on it.

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