PETA Picketers Say Ringling Bros. Tortures Baby Elephants

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Welcome to the big top.
​Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey returns to San Francisco this weekend. And PETA will be here, too to claim the circus hog-ties, yanks, and electroshocks baby elephants as part of their training. The animal rights group will picket the Cow Palace Thursday.

PETA has been hounding Ringling for years with baby elephant torture allegations. Ringling owner Feld Entertainment has responded, saying the circus is committed to "ensuring the absolute best for its animals."

It's enough to break your heart.
​During its Thursday picket, PETA protesters will carry photographs showing baby elephants in chains, and being prodded by trainers. The animals are cruelly torn from their mothers, then chained for what is sometimes months to break their spirits and turn them into malleable performers, PETA alleges.

We've contacted the company requesting comment on the electro-shock and chaining accusations, and will report when we hear back.

Here's a link to a PETA gallery of tortured elephant calf photos, purportedly taken at Ringling Bros. training facilities.

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i was wearing a little fur jacket to the circus and they yelled and screamed at me. I'm only 11


I was at the HP Pavillion a couple of weeks ago watching PETA people solicit and harass children as young as 5 years old after their parents declined their approach.  This was horrifiying to see.  Some PETA people cause more harm than good.


PETA KILL 97% of the animals it takes in every year and they DARE to lecture anyone else..  yup PETA SUCKS.. and they

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