Pottery Barn Dolls Can Strangle Kids, Recall Notice Says

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Maybe a recall would have stopped him
Chloe and Sophie, dolls sold under the Pottery Barn Kids label owned by San Francisco-based Williams Sonoma, are being recalled in Canada in conjunction with a U.S. recall -- and for good reason: They strangle kids, the Canuck government says.

No, Pottery Barn has not manufactured Chucky-like killers. Rather, the Pottery Barn dolls' hair apparently has loops that can easily fit around a child's neck, and can potentially strangle him or her. And the company's Audrey doll, while adorable, wears a headband that could likewise choke a playing child.

The lifelike toy that becomes a living, breathing killer is a classic trope.
An early example was the Twilight Zone's Talky Tina, with the tagline "My name is Talky Tina, and I'm going to kill you."

She's a living doll!

However, nothing of that sort has occurred with the Williams-Sonoma-produced dolls.

According to the company:

The firm has received five reports of dolls with looped hair, including one report in which a loop of the Chloe doll's hair was found around the neck of a 21-month-old child. The child was not injured.
Still, The Snitch advises that all parents round up the creepiest-looking dolls in their childrens' collection and consider destroying them.

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You are sensationalizing a simple recall issue to gain readers,  The dolls simply have yarn loops that should have been cut in the manufacturing process but weren't.  Pottery Barn has issued a voluntary recall. The definative word being VOLUNTARY so that parents cut the yarn hair loop if found,  You should be ashamed for causing undue harm with your sensational publishing!

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