Mark McGovern Update: DA Won't Press Charges Against Patrick Power in Gaelic Football Attack

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Mark McGovern
The District Attorney's Office has decided not to press charges just yet against 26-year-old Patrick Power, the Half Moon Bay man arrested last week in connection with an off-the-ball fracas that put 22-year-old Mark McGovern in a coma.

Erica Derryck, spokeswoman with the DA's Office, told SF Weekly that prosecutors discharged the case against Power, pending further investigation.

"We are working with the SFPD who executed the search warrant, and we are awaiting forensic reports on information and materials seized as part of that search," she said.  

McGovern's sister, Grace, told us that she had not yet heard the news about Power and had no comment at this time. She did, however, report that her brother was "improving everyday."

"He's doing very well," she told SF Weekly.

Power was arrested on Thursday morning on suspicion of beating McGovern, who was in San Francisco for the summer playing Gaelic football for the Ulster team. Power, who played on the Celts, was booked in San Francisco County Jail, but was was released the following day, police said.

All along, Power was a person of interest in the June 25 incident where McGovern fell to the ground and began having seizures while playing a match against the Celts at Treasure Island. Teammates say they saw Power standing over McGovern, saying "you won't get up from that."

McGovern -- who is from Ireland -- remain in a coma until last month. He has been undergoing rehabilitation for a serious brain injury. Meanwhile, his medical bills have peaked at $1 million, and his family and team has held fundraisers to help pay them. 

Donations can be made on the website, or by mail to Mark McGovern Fund at 117 Dalewood Way, San Francisco, CA, 94127.

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Why are they trying to get so much money, it is wonderful the man is doing well now time to go home, other people need support, stop with the greedy behavior...... like that others think this way as well, I do not read about Mr. Stow family or community on and on about money, he has two young children, maybe all should help this man out who is in terribe state still!!!!!


finally a voice of reason.  this whole thing was blown out of proportion-a sport injury with an awful consequence.  Who's keeping an eye on all this money?  What's it gonna pay for?  Easy to skip on a hospital bill.  If there's a lawsuit, where will all this go?  This has been blown up into something it wasn't by people with other motives (money?,) The blame for incident is not all one sided  Don't drive a wedge in the community.  Their would be more people willing to donate if we were hearing reality.  Better timing next time.


this seems like a sport accident and looking for no evidence, every article I read is a bit different, but always asking for donations, really!!! what about Bryon Stow now he was attacked, this Irish guy was playing a game come on read the story, seems like they are looking to make a bit of money, will the hospital see payment????


I can only hope that McGovern recovers fully or at least well enough to point the finger at big balls power and send this coward to jail.

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