Man Shot and Killed During Argument in the Mission; Homicide No. 35

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The Mission District suffered a grim holiday when a man was shot and killed Monday morning in what witnesses described as a heated argument. It's the neighborhood's third murder in the last seven days.

Medical authorities told SF Weekly they have not yet identified the victim, who was only described as a 45-year-old black man. Police say the argument took place sometime around 2 a.m. on the corner of Guerrero and Camp streets. Witnesses heard shouting and then several gun shots.

When police arrived they found the victim dead by a tree.
The man had been shot twice -- one in the the head and once in the chest, according to news reports.

Last week, a 22-year-old father was shot in the head while he was taking a smoke break during his shift at Hog and Rocks restaurant near 19th and San Carlos. Police say he was mistaken for a gang member, which he is not.

That same night a known gang member was shot and killed on Hampshire street. Monday's shooting is the city's 35th homicide of the year.

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Elizabeth Frantes
Elizabeth Frantes

So how's that Sanctuary City working for us?  And how is never putting "juveniles" in custody working for us?  And do you want the perps given "protected status" by a Jerkirimi running for Sheriff?


At least there was shouting, sometimes, victims get shot just for looking with the shooter feeling he's being stared at and felt compelled to respond to perceived slight and "disrespect".

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