Governor Jerry Brown Approves Dead Mountain Lion Bill, Sends Blunt Message to Legislators

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The state Senate has priorities
Bipartisan spirit is alive and well today, folks.

Maybe it was a recent viewing of the most popular movie in America right now -- The Lion King -- that made S.B. 769 such a no-brainer for state politicians.

Governor Jerry Brown announced today that he signed off on the bill that would allow "dead mountain lions to be stuffed and displayed." But there's more to it: He attached a memo with his signature that seems to chide the state legislature a bit over the bill. 

Here's what he had to say after signing the law:

This presumably important bill earned overwhelming support by both Republicans and Democrats. If only that same energetic bipartisan spirit could be applied to creating clean energy jobs and ending tax laws that send jobs out of state.

Who knows; maybe having a stuffed, dead mountain lion hanging around is just what the doctor ordered for a polarized government that needs a heavy dose of "Hakuna matata."

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Uh, since he's talking about sending jobs out of state and not out of the country (and since he's the governor of California signing a state law), he's actually chiding the Legislature of California, not Congress.  I know this is SF Weekly and the standards for what one must know about politics and civics before commenting is very low, but come on.

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