San Francisco Borders Closes Today -- Books $1 or Less

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So long

You wouldn't know it from its automated greeting, but the last of San Francisco's Borders Books is closing today.

Call the store, and you'll still hear there are career opportunities available.

But in reality, it is a sad day for anyone who worries about the future of bookstores, or who passed the hours browsing, reading, and drinking Seattle's Best Coffee in one of Borders' 642 stories. Let's face it -- there probably wasn't a whole lot of buying going on.

An employee at the location in the Stonestown Galleria Shopping Center on Winston Drive told us that today is it for the store -- books are still available from every genre for $1 or less.

That was all he could tells us, because employees can't talk to the media. But an e-mail sent out from the company Wednesday evening said furniture and other inventory must go, too.

So, better hurry up and use those gift certificates.

Borders headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, could not be reached for comment.

The company filed for bankruptcy in February and announced it would liquidate in July. Locations on King, Post and Market streets have already closed their doors.

Are you happy, Kindle users?

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Another Favorite store is gone.  I will miss them.  Can't get my mind around a kindle.  I want the tactile pleasure of feeling the paper and the beautiful type chosen for the book.  And the screen on the kindle hurts my eyes.  Barnes and Noble is my new go to for books. Plus I've discovered the public library.  What a wonderful dusty smell of books everywhere!  And it is packed all the time.  Guess a lot of people don't want the kindle.


I'm very happy with my Kindle, thanks! And I don't give a damn about Borders.

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