Dennis Herrera Scores Another Likely Vote -- His Intern!

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Raking in the votes
We told you last week about how City Attorney Dennis Herrera, not surprisingly, managed to lock down his wife, Anne's, vote for mayor. Well, the support is pouring in as a result. The other day, he got another ringing endorsement from someone close to his campaign: His summer intern.

Like Anne, Kevin Swanson, a student from Oberlin College, says he, too, plans to vote for Herrera in the upcoming election.

Why? Uhhh, because he was his boss. 

On the campaign's blog, Swanson gives us the SparkNotes version of his summer break working for Herrera and details why he plans to vote for his former boss. He explains how he was at "the front line of one of this City's most hotly contested Mayor's race in the past twenty years." Then, he cuts to the chase: "I know Dennis Herrera will be the Mayor our City needs, with no strings attached." 

Now that's a good way to secure a job upon graduation.

At least with Anne Herrera, there was a reason behind the "duh" factor of her e-mail. She's got serious swaying power with Herrera's supporters. But we can't imagine that Swanson's vignettes of "What I Did Last Summer" will bear equal weight with voters. Yet, he's assured us he'll be flying home from school in November to get out the vote for Herrera.

So, there's two votes for the city attorney.

Next time we get an e-mail or blog post from a mayoral candidate's dog, third cousin or uncle, what we want to know is: Who will be their second and third vote? Because, you know, that's what really counts. 

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"Kevin Swanson, a student from Oberlin College . . ."So is this guy even a resident of SF?  It's way too easy to register to vote here, thousands of people just passing through have done it and voted over the years and they're long gone when the bill comes due.


he's a student from san francisco actually therefore it makes him a san francisco registered voter

Jack Wong
Jack Wong

Does the Herrera Campaign even have a pulse?

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