Dennis Herrera Has at Least One Vote -- His Wife!

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Too bad his son can't vote, too!
We're so used to getting flooded with scores of e-mails from City Attorney Dennis Herrera detailing his awesomeness, but we're not used to getting those kind of e-mails from his wife.

Which is exactly why this morning's e-mail from Anne Herrera caught our eye -- and then made us laugh (thanks, Anne). In it, she explains to supporters: "Why I'm voting for my husband" for San Francisco mayor.

Uhhh ... because he's your husband and the father of your son.

Although, we have to say, if we had received an e-mail from her reading: "Why I'm not voting for my husband" we would've opened it a lot faster.

But we digress. Anne Herrera ticks off a list of reasons why her husband of 13 years is the perfect choice for San Francisco mayor -- and let's just say it has nothing to do with pillow talk.

Oh, but her decision wasn't automatic. Apparently, Anne is a voter before she is a wife. According to her message:
"I'm paying so much attention to this Mayor's race ... we need a Mayor who not only has integrity and leadership experience, but a real plan for San Francisco families ... I want to be sure we all make the right choice."
She follows that up, saying: "as a mother, wife, and parent, I'm voting for my husband because I know he will be an independent voice in City Hall who will lead us toward a better future and will make this a City my son will be proud to grow up in."

We're sure this is good news to Herrera, who undoubtedly was losing sleep over his spouse's vote. "It's not a surprising endorsement, but it's a heartfelt one," Matt Dorsey, spokesman for Herrera's campaign, says with a chuckle.

But then we learned the truth behind this absurd e-mail: Herrera's wife is "extremely popular" among his supporters, Dorsey noted. "She is our secret weapon when motivating troops," Dorsey says. 

That's because behind every successful man there is a woman ... who votes.

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I got a phone message yesterday from his brother, urging me to vote for him. So that's at least two votes.

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