College Guys Are Hotter Than College Girls, Newsweek says

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Smart girls
More women than men are getting their college degrees, but all that time they spend studying means less time for primping.

At least, that's what Newsweek and The Daily Beast would have us think after releasing their "Most Beautiful" list.

A fear of being surrounded by unsightly coeds has prompted several sites, such as PopCrunch, The Best Colleges, and College Prowler, to rank universities' student attractiveness. After all, the maxim "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" never seems to apply at school, where everyone is judged by their peers.

Newsweek's exhaustive, highly academic and objective research (in other words, fusing the three aforementioned sites' findings) showed that the women aren't bringing enough of their 'A' game to college to trump the men when it comes to looks.

"No one wants to spend four years in Uglyville," the article begins.

No kidding. Enough was enough in high school.

All 25 schools on the list were deemed beautiful based on both their aesthetics and student bodies (seriously!). The girls and guys were each assigned grades based on their looks -- not their skills. Not once --not once!-- did the girls out-hot the guys. Occasionally, they tied for top marks. And where the occasional group of girls got an "A," the graders had to go and whip out "A+'s" for the guys. It's worth mentioning here that most colleges don't even give "A+'s" for academics.

See the slideshow here.

All and all, a rather poor showing for California considering only UC Santa Barbara, Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount, and Stanford made the cut. Just one more reason for Berkeley to take its college rivalry with Stanford all the more seriously. 

So, all we can assume is that the best-looking women are going to the not so hot campuses, or the grading scale is somewhat prejudiced.  We have our own ideas about that, but we'll leave the judging to the people who claim to do it best.

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