Alleged Meth Dealer Mad at Girlfriend for Letting Police Inside His Trailer

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She's really bringing you down, man
Charlie Okigbo Jr. might have taken valuable life lessons from an Aug. 27 incident that brought Oakland Police officers to his home.

For example, he might have reflected on the fact that cellphone cases are for carrying Nokias, Motorollas and HTCs -- not crystal methamphetamine.

And he could have acknowledged -- as so many other collectors do -- that antique rifles, such as Okigbo's WW-II era Soviet Mosin-Nagant M91/30, are for display, not gun play. But when police arrived one recent night following a neighborhood gunfight, a van outside his trailer was pierced with bullet holes. Shells fitting his Soviet rifle were on the ground near his trailer's door. And his gun was allegedly loaded with two rounds of ammunition, according to a Sept. 9 federal criminal complaint.

Most significantly, Okigbo could have used his arrest, not as an onus, but a bonus -- an opportunity to look inside himself and ask, "Is this the kind of life I want to lead?"

Instead, he did what any alleged drug dealer would do: He blamed his girlfriend.

"If it wasn't for your stupid ass letting them in the trailer, I wouldn't be in this shit," he told his girlfriend, according to Frank Cheng, a Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent.

Another moment when it might have been wise to keep his mouth shut was when he was in the back of the patrol car. An officer asked him how much money he makes dealing meth.

"I normally pull down a couple of hundred every couple of days," he allegedly said.

And that, he can't blame on his girlfriend.

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Meth Abuse
Meth Abuse

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One who doesn't do drugs finds it hard to fathom this fight-to-the-death love affair people have with their drugs. For God's sake just drink coffee and get a regular job. 


I just wish the trailer had blown up with him inside, only him.

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