Castro Nudists Under Attack By Wiener Blame Other Naked People

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It wasn't us. Really.
Some stories were just meant for headline writers. The Castro nudists are under attack by Supervisor Scott Wiener, and now they're fighting back with an all-too-common defense: it was those other naked guys behaving badly, not us.


At this afternoon's Board of Supervisors meeting, Wiener will introduce legislation to curb the behavior of the urban nudists who have flocked to the Castro with their own wieners on display. Specifically, Wiener wants them to stop going in restaurants without some covering on, and to stop sitting on public seats without first putting down a buffer. He calls these "public health issues," not ones of morality.
We called up Rusty Mills and Lloyd Fishback, two of the main Castro nudists we wrote about in a cover feature on how the nudists are less than welcome by many in the gay neighborhood.

Fishback says he and the other nudists who regularly went to Bisou French Bistro on Sunday afternoons were told by the restaurant that they had to cover up if they want service after customer complaints. So they don't even eat in the buff anymore, he said - no city legislation needed.

They also say they always put down a cloth before sitting (to be fair, this reporter always witnessed them doing as much while reporting on them). But apparently, one bad actor out in the public plaza at 17th and Castro has not. The details get grisly, folks.

Mills, left, and Fishback, center, hit the neighborhood.
"Someone got a citation last week," Mills says. "I heard he'd been sitting there, he just pulled his pants down to his ankles, like he was sitting on a toilet."

Either full-nude or no nude, people. Pants around the ankles has very gross connotations.

Fishback witnessed the episode first hand. (He himself was naked except for a loincloth, and he was standing on the other side of the street -- he says to distance himself from being associated with Pants Around the Ankles.) Fishback says that man usually sits in the plaza with clothes, and this had been his first foray into naked territory.

"He kind of asked for it," Fishback says. "He's an old guy. He was sitting on a chair. He pulled his blue jeans down to his ankles and was just suntanning like that. Really laying it out. No class." Fishback says the police showed up to cite him.

Then there's another nudist on the scene in the Castro. He apparently is in ill health, has few teeth, and - wait for it - walks with a cane. Fishback calls him "The Monster." "It's the worst person you don't want to see naked. People feel sorry for him and don't call the cops on him. I hate his guts. He's just a troublemaker." Apparently this guy was recently featured in a KRON segment on People Behaving Badly, cussing out the reporter.

Wiener, for his part, says he himself has been in a restaurant (he wouldn't tell us which) when a posse of naked folks to eat and didn't cover the seating. "It sounds odd that a restaurant would let them do it," Wiener says.

Wiener says his proposed law isn't in response to any particular nudist, and hasn't gotten complaints from any specific restaurants. "The police are a little frustrated, but there's not a lot they can do. It's more from citizens who live in the Castro."

Top photo by Francisco Barradas

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Lotta Chatte
Lotta Chatte

Who the hell would want to walk around naked much less sit down anywhere in that filthy disgusting neighborhodd of the castro.  I was there.  Gross..  Wouldn't a nudist rather be with their own in a nice bucolic setting, like in the forest or a beach?  Desperate queens with vacuumed pumped dicks.  That's what I saw.  

Peter Choyce
Peter Choyce

altho I do love 9-11, lets remember there ARE other important issues for mankind to contend with.


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