Border Collies on the Move!

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Smarter than the average drunk...
Yesterday we brought you the tale of a drunk driver who attempted to crash the carpool lane with his border collie as the requisite second passenger.

There's little that border collies can't do. But they cannot drive cars nor serve as your passengers in the carpool lane. They can, however, make better decisions than the aforementioned drunk driver.

A border collie on the move -- of a more sober, safe, and environmentally friendly variety -- was spotted in the Lower Haight recently. Here it is:


Granted, this dog looked like he'd be a lot more comfortable herding a bike than being ferried by one. He paced about nervously and seemed to be in an intense mood.

But, then, that's how border collies roll.

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v s

I looked at your site and really enjoyed it.  My name is Vince Stead and I was wondering if you would maybe put a picture of my dog book I wrote called "New How to Understand and Train your Border Collie Puppy or Dog" on your site.  I would appreciate it very much.  Thank you again, and your site was very nice to look thru.  You could even post this on your site if you wanted, thank you again, Vince.

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