Avalos Proposes Law Allowing Bikes in All SF Offices

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Many bicycle commuters have felt it: The hostility and sidelong stares as they wheel their vehicles among quiet cubicles, the shame of leaving a valuable bike locked curbside to a teetering street sign. But help could be nigh: Supervisor John Avalos has proposed a city ordinance that would relieve bicyclists of their status as second-class commuters.

This week Avalos introduced legislation that would make it illegal for businesses to ban employees from bringing bikes into the office. New York City already has a similar law on the books.

"One of the ways that we can really assure our bikes are safe from theft is to be able to bring them into our buildings," Avalos told Streetsblog SF.

The devil, of course, is in the details: As currently written, the law contains some exemptions that might require explication. 

Offices in buildings where "substantial safety risks" exist from bringing a bike into an elevator or where "secure alternate covered off-street parking or secure alternate indoor no-cost bicycle parking" is available elsewhere within three blocks can still tell their employees to check the wheels at the door.

Might businesses construe these clauses a bit liberally in their efforts to prevent employees from bringing bikes into the office? We'll doubtless hear plenty of debate on that topic as the Board of Supervisors hammers out the ordinance. Stay tuned.

Here's a copy of the proposed legislation.

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Mandatory bike helmet laws now.  Close Market to cars from Embarcadero to 10th.  Bike lane on Oak to the wiggle.  Bike lane on Folsom to Embarcadero.


With a budgetary crisis that has no end in sight (and is fueled in large part by health care and pension concessions to unions with which Avalos is exceptionally cozy, BTW), failing schools, and a broken transit system, it's disheartening to see Supervisor Avalos spending government time and resources on an issue that is of importance only to a relatively small group of people who already wield disproportionate influence in our city government.

Kristina Carrara
Kristina Carrara

The main reason that we are in a budgetary crisis around health care, social security, failing schools, and broken transit systems is because of people driving their cars around!!! 

That's what people don't get. We are spending all our money on wars to  get ...oil which is literally fueling the largest cause of the problem( getting in your lonely, detached from the world car and driving). 

Bikes could be the solution to all of this but too many... ahem ...comfy (ignorant& lazy) drivers think they have every right to sit on their ass and use foreign oil/gas which in turn causes this great devastating deficit. They are blind lambs.

Propel yourself !!!!!I It's the answer to obesity, sparing the air/water/ earth, and releasing our world from the dependence on oil wars which rob our communities!!! If more people could lock up their bikes in the office there would finally be the acceptance that bikes deserve...Not a poor man's ride but a modern day clean horse.

The bicycle,a viable, wonderful, inexpensive mode of transportation creating truly free community in place of highways & gas stations.

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