Bevan Dufty To Hold Student Forum -- at Bar

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We got your 'student issues' right here...
It is said that college is a fountain of knowledge -- where students go to drink. That being said, for undergrads other than seniors, possessors of false IDs, and those taking a play out of the Stalin or Mao book and opting for the Five-Year Plan, drinking is not so easy as wandering into a watering hole and getting watered.

So it's interesting that mayoral aspirant Bevan Dufty is this Saturday "inviting all COLLEGE STUDENTS living in San Francisco" to "discuss SF student issues" -- at a bar. Perhaps issue No. 1 will be "I'm not permitted to go in there."

A student forum isn't the usual Saturday fare at Trigger, a gay bar and nightclub across the street from the Castro Theatre. The establishment's website flogs quite a deal: "Ketel One Booth & Bottle Service -- $150 All Weekend Long." Mentions of vodka and the term "all weekend long" may remind some of their college days. Paying $150 for it likely does not. (nor does "Ketel One").

Trigger screencap.JPG
What could young people possibly see in such a place?
Messages for Dufty, his coorganizer, and the venue have not yet been returned. So just what the mayoral candidate is hoping for by holding a student powwow at Trigger as an entre to the club's standing Saturday show -- DJ Claksaarb and guest DJs spin electro, top 40, and mashup with sexy gogo dancers --  remains to be seen.

In the meantime, don't forget kids -- these are the best years of your lives. Even if you don't get on the guestlist.

Update: Dufty's communications manager, Roby Chavez, says there's been some kind of miscommunication. While Trigger is sponsoring the student forum -- that is, the bar is tasked with bringing in the kids -- the actual event will be at Dufty headquarters, a hop, skip, and a jump from Trigger at 2280 Market. Somehow, Trigger listed its own address on the invitations -- which wouldn't have been much use for the under-21 crowd.

So, rather than hosting a student event at a site where minors cannot enter, Dufty has only charged a hard-partying nightclub with rounding up young people who want to discuss serious student issues. Much better!

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