Bernal Heights Neighbor Wants You to Adopt Muffy, His Kid-Friendly Wolverine

Okay, we already know a lot of strange stuff happens in Bernal Heights, but this neighborly request to adopt a wolverine named Muffy (is that a joke?) rivals even the faux bloody pentagram found on Bernal Hill last month.

Once again, Bernalwood uncovers a local oddity:

Courtesy of the badass Bernalwood
No thanks
"A kid-friendly wolverine that loves W.C Fields movies and behaves very well during new moons? What's not to like?!"

Any takers?

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We will take her.  We have a male wolverine roaming around the outskirts of Truckee, CA, so it would make the perfect match.

Our high school mascot is the Wolverine, and our football team has the longest active winning streak in California, at 28, so we think it is a natural fit.Cheers,

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