Ben Flajnik Confirmed As The Bachelor #Booya

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A glutton ...
ABC confirmed Tuesday via press release that San Francisco winemaker Ben Flajnik will go where 15 other men have gone before: Simultaneously dating 25 women to find "the One."

This means he is definitely out of the mayor's race.

We reported last week that Flajnik had canceled a wine appearance at the Bay Club Marin and was spotted around the city filming a Bachelor video package, indicating that he was indeed selected for the title role.

On Tuesday, Flajnik tweeted: "Secret is out. Looking forward to my new journey as the new bachelor! #booya"

Last time Flajnik graced our TVs, he wasn't so lucky at love with Bachelorette Ashley Hebert, coming in a far second to J.P. Rosenbaum. But because The Bachelor and Bachelorette series don't have the best track record for long, sustaining relationships anyway, being runner-up can be ideal.

Now, Flajnik gets more screen time, a bigger paycheck, and another chance at a doomed relationship, all while calling the shots.

ABC wrote a gushing press release to accompany the news, leaving no table left unturned about Flajnik's life. Who knew he was in a tribute band? Here are the highlights to know before his season premieres in January: Ben's "soulful and heartfelt proposal was rejected by Ashley Hebert in the emotional finale of last season's The Bachelorette."

Actually, rushed and awkward was more like it. But Ben was stoic in the face of rejection, telling Ashley to stop sugarcoating the situation after she let him get down on one knee and then tried to soften the blow by saying how "interesting" she found him. Ouch!

"The 28-year-old bachelor has fallen in love three times (Ashley being the third), but has only proposed the one time; that one failed proposal won't stop him from trying again."

Good plan. Like they always say, "Fourth time's the charm."

Unfortunately his father, Joseph, with whom Ben was best friends, died almost four years ago. Always supportive, his father personified the kind of husband and father Ben wanted to be."

A rare, modern Renaissance man, Ben dabbles in a lot of hobbies and crafts, such as crab fishing, sailing, golf, skate boarding, surfing, playing piano and singing in a tribute band. He is also quite handy with a hammer and saw, and loves fixing and building things, as well as landscaping. The woman who will share his life will also have to share one of his other great loves: His Jack Russell Terrier, Scotch.

She will also have to put up with the endearing(?) puppy voice that Flajnik unleashed during Hebert's season.

And yes, we would be lying if we said we weren't looking forward to watching the drama unfold during Monday nights next year -- even if Flajnik ends up leaving his heart in San Francisco.

More cheesy lines where that came from in January.

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