BART Protests: When Will They Stop?

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That's one way to stop the protests
While protesters plan to gather again tonight and attempt to disrupt the evening commute (there's word they will be riding on the trains) -- BART is hoping new legislation wending its way through Sacramento will criminalize some protesters' actions.

Tonight will be the eighth week of the BART protests, where demonstrators have blocked fare gates, shut down stations, and in some cases jumped on top of trains and blocked entrances. BART has offered to meet with the protesters, who have demanded that among other things, the BART police be disbanded. Until then, the agency is hoping that Gov. Jerry Brown will help it out.

The governor has until Oct. 9 to sign off on a bill that would allow BART and other transit agencies to bar anyone cited on three separate occasions over 60 days for infractions on a train, bus, station, or stop.

That includes fare cheats, vandals, and yes, protesters.
But will this put an end to the weekly protests? SF Weekly contacted BART for comment, but we have not yet heard back. However, BART board members told reporters last week that the protests seem to "be losing traction."

"There are less people attending the Monday night protests," BART Board President Bob Franklin told the Examiner.

Guess we will find out tonight.

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 I see these BART protests as a new/old way of social networking. Want to meet someone and get laid ? ; show up at the next BART protest. Even right wing satirist , P. J. O'Rourke , tried this approach , unsuccessfully , years ago.


Given that the BART police will never be disbanded (and if it is, watch out it means Rick Perry is president and we have national police), I'd say they're gonna keep on keeping on, kind of like how people go bowling or play softball or whatever.

Guess I'm taking Caltrain to the airport. Viva La Causa!

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