BART Protest: Only Three People Showed Up

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And then there was one ...
Despite the audacious demands put upon BART, including disbanding its police force, protesters seem to have completely lost their mojo. Last night, only three people reportedly showed up to the Monday night demonstration, which was (or would have been) the seventh week of protesting the transit agency.

That's quite a turnaround from the 40 or so protesters who were proudly arrested at previous demonstrations held in response to the July 3 shooting of Charles Hill. But, admittedly, even we forgot about the weekly Monday demonstration until we picked up this morning's Examiner, which gave us the blow-by-blow of exactly what happened: Nothing.

According to the Ex:
Barbara Bettenburg, 61, of San Francisco was one of the three. She held a sign that read, "Stand down BART police." Another protester left after 15 minutes. "It's still an issue," she said.
Apparently it's not. Someone please break the news to Bettenburg. She can go home now. 

Whether this hiatus lasts or not, it appears commuters don't have to worry much more about station closures or halted BART trains keeping them from getting home. And we don't have to worry about staying late to cover it.

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Well, the BART Police are no longer shutting down phone service and acting General Manager Linton Johnson (haven't heard from him in a while, right?) has been publicly rebuked by BART officials, and there's a new GM who says she's willing to talk with protesters personally, so all that stuff might be a factor...


Mr. Johnson is/was the spokesman for BART. The agency claims he is out on a family emergency but rumors have it that he actually is in Thailand ( everyone know he loves the young boys) using a BART issued cellphone that he demanded be upgraded with an International data pkg. Why should we the tax payer pay for his Asian vacation phone calls? BART needs to fire him!

Cal Ryker
Cal Ryker

Nah, attention span had more to do with it. They're now fixated on the new fashionable trend: being angry at "money."

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