Bad Doggy: Pit Bull Charges at SFPD Officer, Shots Fired

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This pit bull looks friendly enough, but the breed overall is having some rough news days.
Pit bull advocates will argue that the breed is unfairly mauled by the media, and yesterday's altercation between a pit and a cop in Bernal Heights is only giving the pups more negative press.

SFPD responded to a call Wednesday morning around 9:30 a.m. to the 200 block of Andover Street, where the caller claimed that a neighbor's tan pit bull had attacked their son, according to SFPD Officer Harry Soulette.

The responding officer who arrived at the scene began interviewing the reporting party when the neighbor -- and the pit bull -- came out of the house and approached them. The pit bull was not on a leash, and when the officer asked the neighbor to leash his dog, the pup "began growling and charged" at the officer. The owner tried to tell the dog to stop, Soulette said.

The officer fired multiple shots at the dog.

The pit bull survived and is currently in animal care.

Soulette couldn't give us details about the original attack, nor could he say whether the dog was male or female. However, he did mention that SFPD had already interacted with the dog's owner about handling his pets.

Considering this is just weeks after a pregnant Pacifica woman was mauled to death by her own pet pit bull, maybe it's time the breed hires a strong PR team.

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Too bad the cop isn't a better shot.


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'Specifically bred to be hyper aggressive for fighting..hence dog vs 'bull' in a dug out 'pit' in Merry Aulde England. Watch "Fatal Attractions" on the Animal Planet channel to get a base line of idea just why these folks are attracted to these ravenous 'land sharks'..also aptly named 'Pit Bulls and Parolees'..sez it all...

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