Anonymous Plans Another Protest Today While Feds Launch Investigation of Hacking Group

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Until you started fucking with our commutes
Always a mark of another Monday: General crankiness, an extra cup of coffee, and oh, a BART protest.

The group responsible for the ongoing demonstrations, which have shutdown stations and frustrated commuters, is planning another service disruption tonight at three different BART stations.

Meanwhile, the federal government has officially launched an investigation into the activity of Anonymous, which has been deemed a homeland security threat. According to OpBART, the Twitter account that is purportedly tied to Anonymous:

"The FBI & DHS are investigating us. We've done nothing wrong, so we aren't worried. We welcome it."

The FBI has carried out more than 75 raids and arrested 16 people this year in connection with illegal hacking jobs claimed by Anonymous, according to new reports. On Friday, SF Weekly reported that the political news site Talking Points Memo was mysteriously experiencing some technical difficulties of its own after publishing the mugshots of 14 of the "hacktivists" affiliated with the group Anonymous. The site got the information from the FBI which arrested the men and women on suspicion of launching a cyberattack on Paypal.

The Department of Homeland Security issued a memo last week, warning of more cyber attacks to come, including a call to shutdown Facebook in November.

The group -- which is responsible for hacking into BART's website and releasing personal information of cops and commuters -- has also said it plans to physically occupy Manhattan's Wall Street on Sept. 17 to protest the government's policies. According to the government bulletin:

"Anonymous insist they have no centralized operational leadership, which has been a significant hurdle for government and law enforcement entities attempting to curb their actions. With that being said, we assess with high confidence that Anonymous and associated groups will continue to exploit vulnerable publicly available Web servers, websites, computer networks, and other digital information mediums for the foreseeable future."

But undeterred, the group tweeted out another message this morning: "The FBI and the DHS should realize that the "homeland" isn't "secure" while cops shoot innocents in the back and kill them."

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IF  BART Police shot your or your father, brother or friend, wouldn't you want some one to ask Why?  No I don't liked to be inconvenienced in fact I really hate it, but what is going on with BART, don't they at least owe us (the Public) a Reasonable Explanation?


Cal Ryker
Cal Ryker

I don't associate with the deranged homeless or ex-cons, so I don't think BART would be killing anyone I care for or know. What a sad, sad scare tactic used by the desperate.


Yes, they owe us a reasonable explanation.  Blocking BART stations every Monday does absolutely nothing to obtain that explanation. Nothing. And now it's turned public sentiment completely against whatever rational positions the protesters may have.


The protesters don't shut down the stations, BART does. They stay in the "free speech" zone as BART officials have requested and still BART closes the stations.

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