Amy Scobee, Prominent Ex-Scientologist, Says San Francisco Apostate Is Legit

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Ethicstrouble is still anonymous, but some experts say the source is legit.
​This week on the Snitch, we published an extended interview with ethicstrouble, the purported Scientology apostate who is now just playing the game, waiting for the so-called church to collapse to get out.  

Ethicstrouble would only talk to us over the phone, so we were unable to claim with absolute certainty that they are, indeed, a Scientologist from within the San Francisco org, and not an impostor like the president of the San Francisco org claims. Still, ethicstrouble continues to have intermittent contact with us, and told us this week that "Some executives [in the San Francisco org] are noticeably upset" about the ongoing blog posts, and have created new protocols to shred graphs of the org's statistics immediately.

Meanwhile, Tony Ortega, the editor of our sister paper, Village Voice, interviewed Amy Scobee, a prominent ex-Scientologist who worked under church leader David Miscavige before fleeing in 2005. 

Scobee tells Ortega that "there is no question in my mind that this person is an insider.... The stats are real, the day/foundation set-up is real, the "moonlighting" at "wog" jobs [for non-Scientologists] to make up for lack of income is real, the criminal registration (raising credit limit, etc.) is real." 

As far as ethicstrouble saying the computers in the org are blocked to Internet access, Scobee says, "The other thing mentioned about the Internet is so true. All their freaking computers are blocked with specific software so you'd have to go to an outside computer to be able to see anything.... The only way I think they think they can keep members is if they keep them in the total dark."

Scobee also agreed with ethicstrouble's diagnosis that the org was only getting by on "deep pockets," while not bringing in any new members: "With lack of new public and old public Scientologists and staff discovering the truth and walking away, their organizations are becoming ghost towns."

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