Graffiti Attacks Cops for BART Shootings

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Graffiti on public transit is usually lame, giving riders no aesthetic reward for the mechanics who have to clean it off on the taxpayers' dime. But as I zoomed under the streets of the FiDi this morning on BART, I was caught offguard by the salty wit of this particular statement.

Forgive my lame photo taken with a BlackBerry over the head of a commuter in the disabled seat, but this is all I could get before jumping off the car at my stop.

The sign is a general warning for riders to stay on the watch for suspicious behavior. "If something does not look right, let us know."

One wry observer penned in: "And we'll shoot it." And then what looks to be a second commenter added, "Before they do!"

This is, of course, a grim nod to the shooting deaths of Oscar Grant in 2009 and Charles Hill last month, both by armed BART police. We're guessing that BART will see this particular graffiti removal as money well spent.

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"Graffiti attacks cops?"

Lauren, you're the definition of a badge bunny


 Yo hombre - it's a figure of speech called personification.

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