The Top 10 Pieces of Political Street Art

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John Boehner makes a cameo at 18th and Valencia.
We spotted this John Boehner street art gem Tuesday night in the Mission, and it got us thinking -- political street art is pretty rad, and sometimes pretty radical. San Francisco definitely has its fair share, but, of course, we're not the only ones with artist-activists.

In tribute, we've put together a collection of some of our favorite pieces from this city and elsewhere. Just don't get caught making your own.

10. Obama/JFK mash-up

Spotted at Townsend and Fourth streets.

We found this one awhile back, but we still love it for the way it combines the likenesses of JFK and Obama. It has a simple but bold black-and-white style that works well.

9. German bathroom art

via Flickr
Spotted in Munich, Germany.
Some of the references here are a bit beyond us (those crazy Germans), but we can definitely appreciate Obama's likeness and his cutesy speech bubble. As an added plus, this was spotted in a bathroom, and anything that makes us less bored while we pee gets a gold star in our book.

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thanks for posting this!


The 'Elephant Walk' is by Chicago artist CRO. Thanks for the love! The sun is a later addition by NiceOne.

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