San Francisco Is Full of Geeks and Here Is Why

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We already told you about how San Francisco is one of the worst-dressed cities in the United States, ranking in the top 20. And that's probably why we have now been ranked one of the geekiest cities in the nation.

According to a U.S. National Science Foundation survey, San Francisco ranks No. 19 on the list of geeky cities, meaning we have a huge population of math-loving nerds. The survey, which we can trust since it was conducted by none other than nerds, defines "geek" as a worker who holds a bachelor's level of knowledge in science or engineering-related fields. Geeks can also be people working in jobs which require some degree of technical knowledge or training.

In San Francisco, nearly 10 percent of the population falls into this category. But we think there are plenty of other reasons we are, well, not conventionally normal.
1. Silicon Valley workers live here: It's not really fair to say we are all geeks, because the real tech-loving dweebs live in the South Bay -- home of the, green technology, and all other things that define "nerd." It's those people who take their fat paychecks and spend it on real estate in San Francisco. Thus, we are stuck with this overflow of geeks who come from San Jose, which, by the way, ranked No. 1.
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It's "be there AND be square." That's the entire point of the joke.

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