Gay Blogger Calls for Boycott of Retail Stores Supporting Christian Values Network

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Now gays are really going to be bad for business
It wasn't enough that Apple pulled its iTunes store from the Christian Values Network, which is decidedly antigay. A San Francisco blogger is now asking people everywhere to boycott those retailers that are still enrolled in the Christian shopping web portal -- including Target, Petco, and Hewlett-Packard.

Because homosexuals like to shop, too!

Roy Steele has started organizing his nationwide boycott, pointing out that retailers enrolled in the Christian Values Network donate a portion of their sales on the site to Christian-based organizations, including Focus on the Family -- which has been labeled as a "hate group."

"As a gay Christian man, it offends me that these retail stores are donating money to organizations that promote hatred toward the LGBT community," Steele said on his website.

The Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family, have a long history of spreading lies and misinformation about the LGBT community, and the effectiveness of reparative therapy 'pray away the gay.' Their behavior is anything but Christian. If these retail organizations are going to support the hate groups financially, it is incumbent upon our community,and our allies, to organize and rise up against hate."
He's using his blog, Tie-Dyed Jive in the (415), to coordinate the effort. He's also planning a Labor Day picket line and protests at the brick-and-mortar stores that refuse to remove themselves from the CVN.

But don't worry, there's still some great secondhand shops around town.

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I am calling Petco now..I spend a small fortune with them and had no idea..thanks so much for brining stuff like this to light!

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