Reroute Your Commute, More BART Protests to Come

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Michael Short
All Anonymous all the time
Protesters are planning yet another BART demonstration next week that will undoubtedly ruin your commute home -- again. The group claiming responsibility for the organized protests, Anonymous, is using Twitter to spread the word of the upcoming protest on Monday, Aug. 22.

According to the Twitter feed, which is claiming to be tied to Anonymous, commuters should expect a much larger protest on Monday: "no way of knowing what will happen during a protest. our best advice to you is look into another way home on Aug. 22nd," the tweet reads.

Last week, BART warned of ongoing protests throughout the month of August in response to the July 3 fatal shooting of 45-year-old Charles Hill. A demonstration was planned for last Thursday, and BART cut cell-phone service, hoping to hinder the coordination of the rally. This only riled protesters more, and on Monday, they packed the Civic Center station, halting trains and forcing the transit agency to close stations.

Anonymous also hacked into, releasing personal information of commuters, including addresses, names, phone numbers, and passwords. Today, the group announced that it has now hacked into the BART police website, releasing personal information of more than 100 cops. BART officials are scrambling -- and thus have yet to return phone calls to SF Weekly.

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