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Tony Hall says he'll make a living no matter what...
If Jeff Adachi is this city's pension crusader, Tony Hall must be pension pope. The former supervisor and professional singer (who has an colorful past, no doubt) told SF Weekly that Adachi's pension solution "isn't worth a darn." It simply doesn't go far enough -- and the Ed Lee plan is a joke.

Interestingly, the city's major proponent of blowing up the pension system and starting anew is, in fact, a pensioner. "That's me!" admits Hall.

In a form he recently submitted to the Department of Elections, Hall reveals that "nearly 100 percent of my current income is the retirement benefits I earned serving in [city] administrative positions. I have no other income."

You can read it here:

Tony Hall Ballot Worksheet.pdf

In Hall's belief, neither the Lee-backed "consensus" plan or Adachi's rival pension measure will stave off a Vallejo-like future (though San Franciscans might come to enjoy having a theme park within city limits and a newfound rivalry with Benicia). 

The problem isn't Hall's, he continues. It's the younger generation's burden.

"Shit, I'll make a living. I'll sing or something. I'm so sorry for the young kids. We've saddled them with a mountain of debt."

If need be, Tony Hall can always get the band back together...

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I assumed almost every candidate in this race is eligible for a pension.  Arent they all on the government tab?  At least Adachi and Hall are trying to do something about it.  The rest are just lapping at the gravy train.


Ed Lee and Jeff Adachi, also critics of the current way we fund pensions and the effect on the budget, will get pensions when they retire, also. I'm not sure what the problem is. 


Tony Hall is the only cabdidate discussing the math of the funding gaps for pensions that will hit San Francisco very hard. Ed Lee and the others that back the "city family" plan need to stop with the union rhetoric and start defending using actual math. Ed Lee gave another pathethic performance last night on this issue.  Lee describes victory as "I got the unions to agree". PATHETIC Mssr. Interim Mayor

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