Patrick Power, Person of Interest in Mark McGovern Fracas, Suspended

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Mark McGovern
Celts player Patrick Power was officially suspended from playing with his Gaelic football team for 96 weeks after his alleged involvement with the off-the-ball fracas that put 22-year-old Mark McGovern in a coma.

All along, police have said Power, 27, is a "person of interest" in the June 25 incident, but they have yet to formally charge him with any crime. Officer Albie Esparza told SF Weekly recently that police are looking for more witnesses to come froward and they have unsuccessfully tried to talk to Power.

Power allegedly instigated the fight that put McGovern in a coma for more than five weeks. McGovern, who came to San Francisco to play with the Ulster club this summer, fell to the ground and began having seizures -- yet he had been nowhere near the ball when he collapsed. Witnesses say they saw a Celts player standing over him, saying "you won't get up from that."

McGovern woke up from the coma two weeks ago. He's been showing improvement ever since.

San Francisco GAA Competition Control Committee chair Eamonn Gormley told media outlets that Power had received the "maximum penalty allowed under the rule that the player was deemed to have violated." "We are satisfied with the investigation, both clubs gave it their full cooperation, and the outcome was a fair one," he said.

McGovern, a resident of Ireland, is recovering at San Francisco General Hospital. His family wants to relocate him home to continue his rehabilitation, and they are currently asking for all the help they can get to cover McGovern's mounting medial bills.  A benefit is planned on Sept. 6.

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Big balls power!  Calling big balls Power!  Come on step and claim your prize.  You had the balls, showed yourself to be a big man by pummeling and blindsiding an opponent leaving him lying on the floor but now have no courage to man up?  PP where are you pp?


Your a idiot. You don't know what happened. Nobody does. All these articles assume power was the "instigator" but McGovern could have been.


what a creep you are ______ you must have real big balls NOT

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