Mental Health Employees Sue Over Crazy Work Schedule

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Stop the madness!
City employees who care for the severely mentally ill have sued over a severely unstable work schedule that's driving them craaaaaaaazy. They are scheduled to work four days one week, then six days the next, then four, then six .....

This routine was devised by a madhouse, known formally as the Department of Public Health's Behavioral Health Center, which apparently didn't pay overtime for the longer weeks. This oversight might have seemed sensible to managers. After all, workers performed 80 hours of labor every two weeks, averaging 40 hours per week.

But attorneys for nurses, psychiatric technicians, and mental health rehabilitation workers apparently thought that logic was bad for their clients' own mental health -- and sued.

The workers are "paid at their regular rate of pay for all of their regularly scheduled hours of work, even though they are regularly scheduled to work 48 hours in every second week," said the complaint, filed Aug. 9 in U.S. federal district court in San Francisco. Workers are demanding back wages, plus attorneys' fees at a rate of $500 per hour.

We contacted City Attorney spokesman Matt Dorsey about this madness. He said he'd check with his department's labor team, but didn't think they'd be able to comment.

We left a message with attorney Duane Reno, who represents the workers, and will add his input when we hear back. I only wish he'd call back right now, because the wait is driving me craaaaaaazy!

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Make sure the case is not assigned to Judge Lillian Sing who sits on the board of several of these grant dependent nonprofits which service the court.

Sure, judges are not allowed to belong to organizations or nonprofits unless they are youth organizations and do not over see financial organizations. And they certainly cannot get paid.

Has anyone done a subpoena on the Asian & Pacific Islander health clinic lately? Have any of these judicially overseen nonprofits filed tax returns recently? Did the secretary of state revoke their license.

If people are going to get tough on healthcare workers we need to also find out what judges who do not enforce their rights are doing with the money.


Your reference to the Behavioral Health Center as a 'madhouse' is in poor taste.

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