Man Shoots at Cop Leaving Work in the Bayview

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Man shoots at cop
A San Francisco police officer had just finished his shift and was headed home when an unknown man shot at him early this morning.

Officer Albie Esparza told SF Weekly that the shooter walked up to the cop's car on Silver Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard and started shooting. The officer -- who has not been named -- drove off and the shooter got into a Cadillac and chased the officer.

The suspect continued shooting at the off-duty cop, missing the officer, but shattering windows of the officer's car.

 The suspect -- who was only described as a black man -- eventually drove away from the scene and has not been located.

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A black man in a Cadillac in the Bayview with a gun.. Hmm.. Should be easy enough to solve this one... Stands out like a sore thumb. 


Simple - just go back and look at the cop's job history and see which thugs he arrested and start with those.

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